At our chair, we are constantly recruiting motivated BSc/MSc students interested in doing cutting-edge research work in various roles, including

  • BSc/MSc thesis
  • Guided research (GR)
  • Interdisciplinary project (IDP)

Please see our research themes. If you find a topic/theme interesting (or have your own ideas), don’t hesitate to contact us to enquire about open research topics.

    • Please submit your application using the following email address (please don’t send individual emails):
    • Please include your CV and BSc/MSc transcript(s) in the application email.
      (Note: MSc students must send both BSc and MSc transcripts.)
    • Please use your official TUM email address; otherwise, it’ll be marked as spam!
    • Our application process protocol is explained here.

Important information for your research work (Thesis/GR/IDP):  Instructions

Archive — Please find the archive of all completed research work:  GitHub

BSc/MSc thesis work @ industry: We also admit BSc/MSc thesis topics in cooperation with an industry partner. Please get in touch with Prof. Bhatotia for approval. For approval, please send the following: CV and transcript(s) of the student, CV of the industry advisor, project description, and the supervision model. Note that in all cases, we require the final thesis and presentation (as PDFs) to be publicly available in our archive. Importantly, we are strongly committed to open source. If the industry partner prefers to keep the source code private, please provide a short justification upfront.